eBay Store Design

Sasaki International Limited

Sasaki supplies massage, fitness and healthcare products for businesses and individuals throughout the UK.

Popular items include Luxury Massage Chairs and Foot Massagers, FLABeLOS Vibration Plates, Personal Self-Balancing Scooters and Magnetic and Photon Health Matresses.

The eBay Listing Template Design can be a very effective tool to make an eBay Listing more professional and keep the design in line with the companies own website image.

website: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/sasakicouk

elecTech Stores

elecTech Stores is a new startup eBay company selling a range of electronics. They required a logo to give themselves an identity that was mainly focussed towards eBay buyers, so within the design we integrated a dominant ‘e’ with a likeness to the ‘e’ used in the eBay logo. We also integrated a bow on the ‘T’ to represent a parcel or present which reflects the packaging and delivery process operated in an online market-place.

elecTech Stores also required an eBay Store Design to help them stand out from the crowd and not use the generic store templates provided. eBay store membership does however, offer you a custom option where you can have a web developer create a bespoke design for a more personal touch. elecTech Stores wanted an eye-catching, simple design with a user friendly layout and easy navigation throughout their store, to take them away from the standard eBay templates.

The eBay Store Design can be a very effective tool to make an eBay Store look more professional yet give it that personal touch that an eBay Store owner may want to help sell their products.

website: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/elecTech-Stores

Outlet Trading - Outlet Mania Group

Outlet Trading also known as Outlet Mania Group is a new eBay company selling a range of designer clothes and accessories.

They required a logo that was both bold and elegant along with an eBay Store Design that reflects the mid to high-end fashion industry. Outlet Trading wanted a design that would set them apart from many other eBay Stores to give their customers an attractive, user-friendly experience.

website: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/outlettrading